Membership Registration/Renewal

Skewa Membership is exclusively for the expatriates from South Kollemcode community in the UAE.
Please fill all the details to submit the online registration form. Fields with * are mandatory, cannot be left empty.
Basic Information
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Contact Information - Country of Residence/Work
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Family/Dependant Details
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By submitting, I agree that if the membership application is successful, I will comply to the following:

  • I endorse the primary mission of the SKEWA, which is to act as 'one' and to serve towards the mutual welfare and support of its members.
  • I agree to be bound by SKEWA's primary mission, values and all relevant regulations & endeavors. 

I agree to SKEWA, to hold and process the information I have provided in the Membership Application Form for the purposes of:

  • Holding a 'Register of Members' as required by the SKEWA's primary mission as stated.
  • For the existing and future activities & requirements which may include to share the information to relevant outside resources (like NORKA roots) 

I understand, my membership will only be activated upon the confirmation from SKEWA.